NEW PODCASTS: EP. 62 and 63 with John Philbin and Cyn Posner

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John Philbin’s blossoming acting career was self-admittedly sabotaged by a disease called surfing. He’d lock down a role in a movie like Point Break as Nathaniel and then disappear to G-Land, missing key auditions for other roles and scoring insane Indo perfection. The Turtle we know from North Shore would do nothing different. His craft is fully intact; Undateable John (2019) is a display of his evolving, robust talent and comedic timing. What a way to open 2024 with our man, John Philbin, on the podcast. He’ll be at the festival February 2-3, 2024.

Writer and producer, Cynthia Posner, took off for Mexico during the pandemic to get out of the fast pace Los Angeles life.  Undateable John starring Estella Warren and John Philbin (EP. 62 on this podcast), is a romantic comedy that flew under the radar in 2019.  We loved Cyn’s dialogue and wit, so we scheduled a screening coming up on February 2, 2024, with John Philbin in attendance.  She walks us through the process of creating the screenplay and writing her novel, which may lead to another movie.  We can only Mexico Time makes it to the screen.  Enjoy.