January Podcasts: New Smyrna Beach Pioneers with Kem McNair and David Coffee & Rear Ended in Indonesia with Michael Dunphy

Tune in for a history lesson from East Coast Surfing Hall of Famer, Kem McNair, and New Smyrna Beach long-time local, David Coffee. They discuss Hobie sponsorship, trailing smoke from freshly resined fin, their first surf shop and board-building venture, near stardom in the music business, and the discovery of the best wave on the east coast of Florida.

Michael Dunphy, a professional surfer based in New Smyrna Beach, has been putting in the time. We have WSL alerts set for his heats. He’s committed, hard-working, and a hell of a nice person. We were lucky enough to sit down with him and cover the ins and outs of sponsorship, the nuance of life trying to qualify for the show, and the occasional unlucky parts of travel. Enjoy.

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