Surf Expo – Here We Come

Florida Surf Film Festival will be hosting free screenings at Lafayette’s Orlando starting at 7PM on Thursday, January 25th, and Friday, January 26th.


1/25 Richer Poorer presents No One’s Gonna Give You Nothing by Sam McIntosh about Danny Fuller’s career in art and surfing.  Followed by The Seawolf by Ben Gulliver, tracking surfers across the globe to cold water climates, this feature surf documentary is the best surf movie we’ve seen in a while.  Complete with an original soundtrack, the footage and performances will take your breath away.

1/26 – Vissla and What Youth present 22, a new film by Victor Pakpour starring Cam Richards, who will be in attendance, and Fairly Normal, also starring Cam Richards.  The trio from Miami, The Jacuzzi Boys, will be supplying the live tunes.

Come on out and enjoy both evenings after expo!