2018 Florida Surf Film Festival

New and independent surf documentary films are hard to come by.  Years of planning, scrapping together funds, surfers, and swell can be a disheartening, long and winding process.  What Ben Gulliver has delivered in The Seawolf surpasses expectations of what modern surf films hope to accomplish.  Cold water discoveries all over the world, an incredible original score, and the absolute highest quality performance surfing seen lately stands alone this winter as the best surf film we’ve seen in a while.  Hold on tight…  Check out The Seawolf on iTunes in March.

The Seawolf – Trailer from Ben Gulliver on Vimeo.

Future Dates:

2nd Quarterly Screening Series – June 15th in New Smyrna Beach

3rd Quarterly Screening Series – August 17th in New Smyrna Beach

Main Festival – November 9th and 10th in New Smyrna Beach

Florida Surf Film Festival mission: 

Florida Surf Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to invigorate surf culture and artistic appreciation by exhibiting contemporary documentary films with surfing as a focus from artists far and wide and operate featured-artist workshops in journalism, photography, and filmmaking.