Florida Surf Film Festival – November 6-7, 2015

Florida Surf Film Festival Announces Official Selections for 2015 Program

Florida Surf Film Festival (FSFF), presented by Monster Energy, is proud to announce the official selections for the feature film and short film categories for its third annual festival, November 6-7, 2015, at Atlantic Center for the Arts. Passes and ticket packages are available here, and individual tickets will be on sale at the festival for $15 per evening and $25 for a two-night pass. Patron level support is also available in limited numbers for $125/pp., which includes dinner with filmmakers, t-shirt, two-night festival pass, and four drink tickets. Please email Kevin@floridasurffilmfestival.com with any questions or ticket orders.


Photo: Brian Bielmann

While the number of feature films submitted this year decreased, the movies selected exhibited the highest quality of entertainment and awe for our filmgoers. Short films were prominently represented through this year’s submissions using a wide-range of filmmaking approaches and topics.

This year, a new award category will be added to recognize the difference between Best Traditional Documentary and Best Surf Flick. Those who approach the art form with an intention and format representative of documenting a character, locale, etc. with personal interviews, historical footage, and anecdotal clips will be in competition for Best Traditional Documentary, and those movies focusing on the high performance, action-driven sequences will compete for Best Surf Flick. This award will be extended to short films as well. In addition, Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack will be awarded for both feature and short films, along with a Viewers’ Choice award.


  • Fish – Joseph Ryan
  • Psychic Migrations – Ryan Thomas
  • Eyes Wide Open – Jose Plaza
  • The Hunt for Hipmasama – Oli Adams


Previously screened at Atlantic Center for the Arts:

  • Cluster – Kai Neville – February 6, 2015
  • Ocean Driven – Aurelia Productions – August 22, 2015


  • The Pacific Wayfarer – Dylan Maranda
  • Salty Air Stare – Garrett and Mary Spencer
  • Return – John Massey
  • Dulce – Patrick McMahon
  • Plus/Plus – Joe G. and Dion Agius
  • The Faroes – The Outpost, Volume 2 – Ben Weiland
  • Mute – Victor Pakpour
  • Tail Fin Trials – Ian Durkin
  • Artisenal Lifestyle – Terasu
  • Spinning at the Speed of Now – Sean Benik
  • The Craftsman Project – Volume 2 – Russell Brownley
  • Stephanie – Morgan Maassen
  • Kelly – Morgan Maassen
  • Water – Morgan Maassen
  • The Rush of the Continuous Rhythm – Ryan Thomas
  • Off the Well Worn Path – Matt Kliener

Previously screened at Atlantic Center for the Arts:

February 6, 2015

  • Tropical Abduction – Gabriel Novis
  • Bigfoot Country – The Adventures of Woody and the Blue Ox – Ian Durkin
  • Loaded – Dane Reynolds

June 19, 2015

  • Intimasea – Nathan Oldfield
  • Palmera Express – Eddie Obrand
  • North to Noosa – Dustin Humphries
  • A Fisherman’s Son – Chris Malloy
  • The Craftsman Project, Volume 1 – Russell Brownley
  • Brother – Kai Neville

August 22, 2015

  • Saturday 6:27AM – Josh Rufford
  • Indo Festival – Kepa Acero
  • How to Road Trip – Samuel Glazebrook
  • Exit – Reef

Florida Surf Film Festival’s screening panel, comprised of ten individuals with journalistic, cultural, and/or experiential factors will determine recognition for the following awards:

  • Best Traditional Documentary – Feature
  • Best Surf Flick – Feature
  • Best Cinematography – Feature
  • Best Soundtrack – Feature
  • Best Traditional Documentary – Short
  • Best Surf Flick – Short
  • Best Cinematography – Short
  • Best Soundtrack – Short
  • Viewers’ Choice Award – Feature
  • Viewers’ Choice Award – Short

Screening panelists include: Feature Category – Matt Warshaw, Joe Turpel, Chad Campbell, Lewis Samuels, and Ben Mondy. Short Category – Matt Pruett, Lindsay Perry, Matt Kechele, Nick McGregor, and Bryan Forand.

The 2015 program focuses on presenting new work by independent filmmakers and exploring the interplay between independent documentary films, surfing, our culture, and music. The program announced today includes six feature films and twenty-nine short films.

Filmmaker/Photographer Morgan Maassen will be hosting a full day photography workshop on November 6th; details are available at www.floridasurffilmfestival.com. Morgan will also be displaying prints from his catalog.

We are proud to have Monster Energy serve as our presenting sponsor for this year’s festival, providing travel and lodging for the filmmakers who attend the festival.

Cigar City Brewing and Green Room Brewing will serve as the festival’s official beer sponsors, presenting in the Pabst Visitors Center and Gallery.

Clancy’s Cantina and Café Verde will serve as the festival’s official food sponsor, presented in the Whatmore Commons.

Other sponsors so far include Globe, Brian Layman Financial Services, Fiat of Daytona Beach, 1-850-CALL-JOE, Grapevine Events and Marketing, Octopus, Spy Eyewear, Nixon Watches, Hayden Shapes, GetSalty, Holistic Movements, Punta Conejo Resort, Los Mangos Hotel, Waterways Travel, Stance, Poler Stuff, Total Vision, Red Dog Surf Shop and Kembali, Surfrider Foundation(Volusia/Flagler Chapter). A silent auction featuring some of our sponsors’ products will be held in the Pabst Visitor Center and Gallery.


Florida Surf Film Festival is honored to present a photography workshop on November 6, 2015, by Morgan Maassen.  He will be attending the festival, and on Friday, Atlantic Center for the Arts will host a workshop to discuss and teach the craft and art of photography in the modern market of surf photography.

Workshop includes:

  • 9:00AM – Meet and Greet
  • 10:00AM – Slideshow
    • Past/current work,
    • Stories, anecdotes,
    • Equipment, etc…
  • 11:00AM – Camera Systems
    • DSLRs
    • Water housings
    • Memory cards
    • Backpacks
  • 12:00PM – Water Housings/Shooting Tips
    • Water housings & shooting in the water
    • Traveling tips and advice
  • 1:00PM – LUNCH
  • 1:30PM – Freestyle/Shoot/Mess Around Time
    • Portfolio/ Slideshow Review
    • Ask Anything
  • 2:30PM – Editing and Style
    • File structure
    • Backup
    • Editing applications
    • Experimentation
    • Web storage
  • 3:00PM – Photographic Theory, Business, and Social Media
    • Open conversation on business
    • Career
    • Passion & everything in-between
  • 4:00PM – Question & Answer
  • Florida Surf Film Festival 2 night Patron Pass
  • Exclusive Dinner with Filmmakers of the Festival on Saturday
  • Festival T-shirt and other sponsor donated take aways
  • 20% Discount on Lodging at Atlantic Center for the Arts
  • Price = $495

Apply here.

Please bring:

  • DSLR camera, required.
  • Water housing, not required, but helpful for further knowledge.
  • Laptop and editing software, very helpful.

Morgan Maassen is a photographer from Santa Barbara, California and was born in 1990. His interest in photography started in his teens after experimenting with my family’s home video camera at the beach, goofing off with friends and exploring the central coast. He graduated high school early at the age of sixteen to concentrate and explore visual media freely and intensely via many different mediums. After working in the graphic design industry, he decided to pursue filmmaking and then photography as both a creative outlet and occupation.

Growing up in and around the ocean has provided him with his favorite subject to photograph. The majority of his work is water-related and involves the oceanic lifestyle. He’s also frequently incorporated his passions of traveling, nature, architecture and fashion into his work. While he strives to capture what he see as beautiful, this is often not the perfect moment. Instead, light, textures, and the abstract nature of the earth are what truly fascinate him – the human element and the infinite variables of emotion keep him on his toes when working with people.

He considers himself an active participant in the digital age. The Internet has allowed him to communicate, network and collaborate with people, places, and subject matter across the world. He enjoys working with both film and digital mediums, and motion pictures are the apple of his eye. He dreams of nothing more than visiting the next new country, capturing whatever beauty it may hold.

Press and Sponsorship Inquiries:

John Brooks, Festival Director, at john@floridasurffilmfestival.com

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