Programming Announced for June 17 and 18th – Passes On Sale

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We’re very happy to announce some incredible programming for June 17th and 18th at Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach.  Starting Friday, June 17th, we’ll open this years Father’s Day celebration with Birth of the Endless Summer, directed by Richard Yelland and starring Dick Metz, (92 years old).  Both will be in attendance for the east coast premiere and available for a Q and A after the film.  This feature documentary traces Metz’s globe trotting in the late fifties and early sixties, drifting around South Africa long enough to find Cape St. Francis firing…  He shared his discovery with Bruce Brown, a nexus that made this perfect wave the pinnacle of Bruce’s masterpiece, The Endless Summer.

Closing out Friday night, we’ll have Matt Costa in the house to share his new work Donde Los Terremotos, a short documentary shot down in Oaxaca, Mexico, with a 100% Costa-scored soundtrack.  And to boot, he’ll be playing a set of music to wrap up the evening in the amphitheater.

The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez shares the father of Pipeline’s story from burning everyone to G-Land to yoga and more.  It’s visually stunning and carries the exuberance of Stacy Peralta’s practiced story-telling with interviews of Gerry’s contemporaries and the man himself.  We’re bringing writer Sam George out to discuss the picture with fans and do a question and answer session with us after the movie premieres on the east coast June 18th.  We’ll have an excellent collection of short films before the main event, kicking off with doors at 5PM.

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Check out our schedule below for complete details:

June 17, 2022:

5:00PM – Doors open


  • Commencement with John Brooks, Festival Director
  • The Birth of the Endless Summer, directed by Richard Yelland and starring Dick Metz – 83 min.
  • Q & A with Dick Metz and Richard Yelland
  • Raffle – YETI Cooler and more


  • Water III, directed by Morgan Maassen – 6 min.
  • DNA, directed by Jacob Vanderwork and Kyle Buthman; Stab – 23 min.
  • Donde Los Terremotos, directed by Matt Costa – 23 min.
  • Q and A with Matt Costa
  • Raffle – Cronin and more

10:15PM –

Live Music – Matt Costa

June 18, 2022

5:00PM – Doors


  • Distant Shore, directed by Ishka Folkwell – 12 min.
  • Neilie and Leo, directed by Justin Rubin – 17 min.
  • Pretty Physics, directed by Wade Carrol – 5 min.
  • The Color of Winter, directed by Pat Stacy – 18 min.
  • Raffle – YETI cooler and more


  • The Yin and Yang of Gerry Lopez, directed by Stacy Peralta – 110 min.
  • Q & A with Sam George
  • Raffle – Cronin Surfboard and more

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It’s the walk up to the teller with a note asking for bills from the top two drawers, no dye-packs or GPS, that had me hooked.  Chas Smith’s latest work is a biography of his cousin, Daniel Courson, who robbed over 40 banks in two intense runs, one with a long period on the lam.  Back it all up to a celebrity status evangelical childhood, and you’ve got a page-turner.  Tyler Bruer guest hosts with Kevin Miller.  Enjoy.

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