New Podcast – Brand Building by Feel with Tyler Callaway

Tyler Callaway, East Coast Surfing Hall of Famer who co-designed and branded FCS into your board, created the Reef Girls campaign, and brought Rusty’s apparel to life, joins us for Episode 11.  From West Hampton, NY, he made his way to California to launch the most influential fin system in surfing history, changing the bottom third of your board forever.  Lately, he co-founded Solite Boots, representing a technical advancement in booties and soon gloves, now third in the market with Pete Mel going all Wave-of-the-Decade wearing Solite on his feet. His adventure continues…

New Podcast: Dark Lord of Irish Surfing with Richie Fitzgerald

Our new podcast features Mullaghmore-charger, candidate for nicest person in the world, and family man, Richie Fitzgerald, who banters with Kevin and John about his days growing up in Bundoran, Ireland, witnessing the growth of surfing in Ireland first-hand from his family’s shop and surf school, Surfworld.  Irish descendant families like the Currens, Malloys, and many more made the pilgrimage, and their Star Wars loving guide put them on the best waves Donegal had to offer. Enjoy, and happy holidays to you and yours…

New Podcast – IT’S TEDIOUS IF YOU HATE IT – Peter Hamblin


Peter Hamblin is a SURFER poll and Emmy award-winning filmmaker from South Africa who grunted through ad exec and no pay WCT gigs to start his own London-based production company.  From suit to creative, he’s crafted top quality films and added his unique vision to surf cinema, weaving bar room fables, classic portraits, and world championship quests into glistening gems on the screen. Listen in to his journey, and know that if Peter makes another surf flick in the next couple years, Kevin and John will be the first to host.

CHICKEN SKIN with Ira Opper in Surf Stories Podcast Episode 8

In 1989, our VCRs were busy recording ESPN’s Hot Summer Nights, including the nation’s first weekly episodic TV show about surfing, the SURFER Magazine Classic Series.  All episodes are now available on The SurfNetwork. Along with numerous other TV shows and movies, Ira Opper has dedicated his work to new and old forms of media for your enjoyment, but mostly his.  Listen to his love of surfing come through in these great stories… Kevin Miller welcomes special guest host, Tyler Bruer.

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We’re happy to announce we’ve released episode 7 of our podcast series Surf Stories.  In 1999, Jamie Meiselman began the journey to build a wave pool for surfers, by surfers.  Raising capital and confidence in his vision, and fueled by kiwi Ph. D’s artificial reef dreams and a solid business model, he broke ground in Orlando in 2005.  What follows is a tale of forces pulling the idea apart at the seams, literally.  Also, Jamie recounts his vision for better and heat-moldable booties and gloves, giving rise to his new company, Solite Innovations.

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Chas Smith Joins FSFF Book Line-Up Podcast

Solid reporting turned narrative, complete with fashion, religious, cultural, surf critique from Yemen to Beirut to Djibouti, Chas Smith absolutely nails this three part memoir of making his way through radical Islam headwaters, war correspondent dues, and AK-47 peppered line-ups.  Pick up his new work and enjoy!  Reports From Hell can be found on Amazon.

2020 Festival is Canceled – Chas Smith to Join Us Sep. 3rd

Due to transmission and health risks presented by COVID-19, our gathering of surf movie fans must be deferred until 2021.  Therefore, Florida Surf Film Festival presented by Monster Energy is announcing the following:

1.     November 13-14, 2020, festival is canceled.

2.     February 2021 event is canceled, and we’re planning to go live June of 2021 on Father’s Day Weekend.

3.     All sponsorships will be extended by 12 months from their original expiration date.

The more we thought about executing an online event, the more we realized that online is not who we are.  Our celebrations are defined by live, in-person events, and you, the collective fan, already have such a plethora of content that an online festival would just be another piñata among piñatas.  And filmmakers don’t get the same thrill as attending in-person with their fans, sharing their months or years-long work.  March 7, 2020, was ironically a huge success, and as such, those films will be included in the 2021 festival competition.

Submissions for the 2021 festival are open via our website here. We will begin the process of acceptance for the 2021 festival all over again, and we will notify filmmakers individually if their 2020 official selection status will remain active for 2021.

In lieu of on-ground content, we have added the Surf Stories Podcast, which includes the FSFF Book Line-Up.  Chas Smith’s new work Reports From Hell is now available for purchase and can be found on Amazon.  We will be meeting Thursday, September 3, 2020, at 9PM EDT for cocktails and book talk.  Here’s the link to join us for the chat via Zoom. Do yourself a favor and download the app on your device before joining… The link won’t be active until 8:55PM on Thursday.  We will record this book line-up and release it as a podcast the following day.

Stay safe.  This virus is no joke, and it will be much more enjoyable to commune without the heightened risk of potentially impacting loved ones and the community at-large.  In the meantime, we’ll be talking with your favorite filmmakers and more from surfing’s past, present, and future.

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We are proud to have Monster Energy serve as our presenting sponsor again for this year’s festival, providing travel and lodging for the filmmakers who attend the festival.

Principal Sponsors: Roark, YETI, Surfline, Globe Brand Footwear, Anson Stoner (Advertising and Creative), and Atlantic Center for the Arts.

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Media Partnerships include:  Surfline, The Surfer’s Journal, Surf Splendor Podcast Network, The SurfNetwork, and Encyclopedia of Surfing.

Encyclopedia of Surfing provides our historical and archival needs.


Florida Surf Film Festival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity, invigorating surf culture and artistic appreciation by exhibiting contemporary documentary films with surfing as a focus from artist far and wide while also producing a story-driven podcast, literary group discussions, and artistic workshops.

ELBOW GREASE with CJ Hobgood – Surf Stories Podcast, Episode 5

The worst part of being world champ?  Still politely having to ease out at Big Rock and wait for Joel Tudor to call you into a wave.  That’s how nice CJ is…  Clearly, if it were John or Kevin, they’d paddle deep on everyone and stroke into set waves, plural.  CJ, ah, he’ll just slot one slabbing nugg and be good to go…  We always want more CJ stories, but this ought to get you started.

Check out And Two If By Sea on Amazon Prime here.  Also, brush up on your CJ history here at Encyclopedia of Surfing if you just crawled out of a time machine…  Enjoy, until he returns for more…

MAKING FIFTH SYMPHONY DOCUMENT with Chad Campbell – Surf Stories Podcast, Episode 4

“Dirtbaggin’ it” is how a server from The Chart House goes on to win Video of the Year at the Surfer Poll awards in 2001.  The Fifth Symphony Document deserves every bit and more.  It still holds up, and while it was popular at the time, it’s probably better classified as a cult classic.  Slater, Eddie Vedder, Dorian, Hayes, Browning…  The magic comes out on screen… Super fan boys, Kevin and John welcome Chad to Surf Stories.

OH, CANADA with Marcus Paladino – Surf Stories Podcast, Episode 3

OH, CANADA with Marcus Paladino

We’ve dropped another Surf Story…  At almost thirty years-old, Canadian-born lens-man, Marcus Paladino has quickly carved out a niche in cold water surf photography. Hear how he almost landed in Southern Italy, and how Canada’s best surfers have him on speed dial. Hard work and persistence has landed his spectacular imagery on the pages and websites of our sport.