Taylor Steele Will Attend Florida Premiere of Proximity

New Smyrna Beach, FL – I met Taylor Steele at the New York Surf Film Festival in 2012 in Brooklyn…  This is how it went down:

Kevin:  Hey Taylor, my name is Kevin Miller.  Nice to meet you.

Taylor:  Hi Kevin, nice to meet you.  (Grabbing a beverage off the bar)

Kevin:  I’m so happy I got to introduce myself.  I’m starting this little surf film festival in Florida, and I would love to check out your new flick, but it’s sold out.  (Referring to This Time Tomorrow).

Taylor:  You want me to find you a ticket?  I can figure it out.  (HE LITERALLY JUST MET ME, AND HE’S OFFERING TO FIND ME A TICKET).

Kevin:  No, no.  That’s okay.  I will see it soon enough.  Can I reach out…

Taylor:  Here’s my email.  Send me a note, and we’ll figure it out.

Kevin:  Thank you!  That’d be great.

It was basically at this point that I finally decided to pull the trigger on this festival.  He couldn’t have been nicer.  I was a little stunned for obvious reasons, and nervous, and it was as if I was included.  I walked around the whole night telling strangers that I just met Taylor Steele.  I was on cloud nine.

Almost six years later, and after screening This Time Tomorrow and Missing, I’m so happy to have Taylor coming to Atlantic Center for the Arts on June 16th to present his new work.  Florida Surf Film Festival, presented by Monster Energy, will be screening Proximity at 9PM to a most-assuredly sold-out crowd.  It’s a fantastic piece of work, and I can’t wait to have our fans enjoy it with Taylor in attendance.  We’ll have a nice long Q&A after the screening.  Be sure to get your poster signed by Taylor…  We’ll have a limited supply at the door.

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–Kevin Miller

Named one of surfing’s “Ten Most Influential People” by Surfer Magazine, director Taylor Steele’s two decades of experience and 25 award-winning films continue to challenge and redefine the ways we see, think about and experience the art of surfing.

Steele’s breakthrough films Momentum, Campaign and Loose Change of the ’90s established The Momentum Generation, a close-knit collection of progressive surfers including Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Shane Dorian, who have each proceeded to redefine the limits of modern surfing.

Over the past decade, Steele’s films have continued to pioneer the outer limits of the genre, with epic travelogues like Sipping Jetstreams and Castles in the Sky, eclectic profiles like The Drifter and Missing, and social experiments like Innersection and This Time Tomorrow. “I never want to repeat myself,” says Steele, “so each project I try to push to another level. Something that scares me just a little.”

Proximity is his most ambitious project to date. “Surfing has grown up a lot over the last decade,” says Steele, “and we wanted to create something that reflected that.”

Screening Schedule on June 16th:

Pedro’s Bay (Eddie O’Brand and Vissla, Run time 27 min.) with Eric Geiselman, Cam Richards, and Eddie O’Brand in attendance.


Proximity (Taylor Steele, Run Time – 50 min.)

Our mission:

Florida Surf Film Festival’s mission is to invigorate surf culture through film appreciation and artistic expression by exhibiting contemporary films from filmmakers far and wide with surfing as a focus.